Арендовать кулеры для воды

В случаях, когда нет средств для приобретения фильтров для воды, можно арендовать их на короткий или продолжительный срок.

  1. Какие опасности и подводные камни таит в себе аренда фильтров для воды?
  2. Могут подсунуть засоренные фильтры для воды
  3. Могут фильтры для воды, ресурс которых выработан
  4. Могут подсунуть бутафорские фильтры  для воды, в которых отсутствуют фильтрующие элементы.


When you think about water and water filtration system; most people don't think I've the need. For whole house filtration system there's a lot in need their because just when you're looking at a point a service unit you're only filtering the water that you're drinking however the bigger problem is what are you showering in, what is being used in your dishwashers and all the other water in your house. Today it may surprise you because most city water contains chlorine which combines with organics and that's cause something called trihalomethanes which we know today cause cancer. Also fluoride being put into most water sources. The truth is the fact that it causes especially bone cancer and now if you've been watching the news lately you know the drugs are a big problem in water.
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